Pets and Air Purifiers

Pets have a special relationship with air purifiers, but it is one that many pet owners tend to overlook. You see, having an air purifier can neutralize the pet odor in your home, mask the presence of your pet for allergy sufferers, and reduce the presence of airborne bacteria from your pet in the air you breathe. Don’t believe it? Let’s review the opportunities together.

Let’s start with the ability of an air purifier to neutralize pet odor in your home. Some pets have bad breath, gas, or just their own special musk that they may be leaving in the air in your home. Most air purifiers have an odor neutralization feature that means that as air is circulated through the machine, it is not only cleaned but freshened. Thus, rather than chasing after your animal with harmful sprays or plugging in expensive air freshening products, you could simply be using an air purifier.

This is one step in masking the presence of a pet in your home to sensitive allergy sufferers. With the pet odor eliminated, your next task is to take on the microscopic picks of hair and pet dander that are no problem for the average pet owner but extremely traumatizing for the allergy sufferer. You could chase your pet down and give him or her a bath, restrict outdoor time, and confine your pet to a small area of the house. Or you could get an air purifier with a high-quality HEPA filter. These filters meet the high standards established by the Department of Energy, and are the industry leaders for removing particles and contaminants from the air.

Finally, a high quality air purifier will help eliminate any bacteria in the air from your animals. Many pets, and especially cats, have bacteria in their feces that can be harmful to humans. No matter how careful you may be, these bacteria can get into your indoor air and potentially infect you. Children are particularly vulnerable to this type of infection. An air purifier could solve this problem and put your mind at ease.

Thus, as you choose your air purifier, you will know that you are getting many tangible benefits. Do be sure to do some research before buying the first unit you see, however. Most air filters are only rated for a fixed amount of space, so you will want to get a unit that is powerful enough for your whole home. Consider also the rate at which you will need to replace any filters or other moving parts, so that you get the best value for your investment.

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