Choosing the Best Air Purifier for You

Why should you get an air purifier? Air purifiers serve to remove contaminants from the air. Some of the top air purifiers are HEPA purifiers which remove at least 99.97% of 0.3 micrometer particles. If you have any kind of health issue such as allergies, asthma or a sensitivity to smoke, then an air purifier is a definite need for you. Even if you don’t have serious health issues and you simply want to be breathing cleaner air throughout your life, an air purifier is a good investment.

How should you go about choosing the best air purifier for your particular situation? First you need to determine how badly you need an air purifier. For example if you have severe asthma or allergies and need a very heavy duty air purifier then you will need to pay more and get the best of the best. If you have minor issues and wish to have just a small office air purifier for your area at work then you will be in a much cheaper category.

Should you get a whole house air purifier or a small bedroom air purifier? Again this depends mostly on your situation. In your household if there are multiple people who have asthma or allergic problems a whole house air purifier is probably a very good idea. On the other hand if there is one person who has minor asthma then a small bedroom purifier will probably suffice.

There are several name brands that are thought of as the top air purifiers. IQAir purifiers are thought of very well, but are very expensive. These are probably best served for those with serious asthma or allergy issues. Blueair air purifiers are also rated very well and on the cheaper end Whirlpool and Honeywell also offer some pretty good air purifiers for a decent price.

When looking for the best air purifier make sure you consider your situation first of all and then look for the air purifier that does what you need it to do, then look for the best deal. By comparing prices you can usually save a little bit of money on these purifiers. Purifying the air around you is very helpful for everyone, and absolutely necessary for some!

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