How to Buy a Good Air Purifier

Air purifiers are an under-appreciated asset for your home. These quiet machines remove contaminates from the air, and typically target allergens, dust particles, and pet dander which may be in the environment. Many also have odor neutralizing properties as a result of their filtration capacity. All in all, air purifiers can be an extremely worthwhile purchase, and thus should be shopped for carefully.

Most consumers approach the purchase of an air filter with a fixed idea in their minds. Perhaps you saw a flashy unit at a friends’ house, or an advertisement on TV or in the store circular for a cheap unit. However, price and appearance should not be the sole factors in a purchase decision for an air purifier. It is better in the long run to make the effort to understand the product and the overall performance quality you are likely to receive from your air purifier.

To begin, you should familiarize yourself with the current units on the market. This should encompass an online and an offline search of available products. By combining online searches for product reviews and consumer ratings with in-store inspections of shelf units, you will get a good idea of how price and performance interact between the various air purifier brands. Read boxes and reviews carefully for features, warranties, and guarantees. Be comfortable with the maintenance and upkeep needed by each unit, and check the online reviews for operational glitches or complaints.

Also be mindful of the presence or absence of removable or washable filters in your unit. This can impact the overall cost of operating your air purifier. Some types of filters merely need to be regularly washed and cleaned, while others need to be discarded and replaced. At times, the cost of replacement filters will be more than the cost of the unit, so budget shoppers should be mindful of filter cost when choosing their air purifier.

An additional filter consideration is whether or not the unit has a HEPA filter. This class of filter, while more expensive than run-of-the-mill filters, is considered to be the best performing class of filter available. Because HEPA filters meet Department of Energy regulations for particle removal, they are considered to give homeowners the most effect solution for removing unwanted and harmful particles from the home environment.

Once you have found a unit that meets your needs for filter type, ongoing operating cost, size and style, you next have to consider where to purchase the unit. While the web offers a greater variety of air purifiers, the shipping costs on larger units can be prohibitive. If the type of filter needed is not available in stores in your area these shipping costs will need to be factored in as well. Thus, while brick and mortar retailers may have more limited selections at first glance, the ongoing needs of the unit should also be considered.

Having done your research and considered the ongoing operating costs of your air purifier, you should be able to purchase with confidence online or off. Affordable units with solid performance are widely available. You should be happy with your final purchase, knowing that you have made a good investment in the air quality of your home based on the available options.

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